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Douglas Walter Renn (1945-2008) was a loving husband, son, brother, father and grandfather. He lived and loved life to the fullest. There wasn't a person he met he didn't love. He was a great example of the pure love of Christ. This blog is dedicated to his memory. Please feel free to write any fond memories of him in a comment and I will transfer it to a post.
Thank you, Erin Wilson
(Doug's Granddaughter)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Grandpa

Many of my most cherished memories of my grandpa occured when he was embarassing me.  If he caught me talking to one of my guy friends he would conspicuously hand me a "smooching mint" and say loudly "just in case".  He was always trying to set me up with his friends sons and grandsons, and let me just say he was not very discreet about it.  Although at the time he irked me to no end, I can't help but laugh at the memories.
- Erin Ainsley Wilson